Current Evidence of Health Hazards of Lead

Department of Biochemistry conducted a webinar on “Current Evidence of Health Hazards of Lead” on 13 th April 2022 sponsored by SDUAHER. Dr. Shashidhar KN was the Organizing Chairman with Dr. Harish R, Dr. Munilakshmi U as Organizing Secretary and Joint Organizing Secretary respectively. Two hundred and thirteen delegates registered for the webinar across India and abroad. Dr. Shashidhar K N delivered the opening remarks on “Importance of human biomonitoring of lead”. Dr. Rakesh B, Scientist D, ICMR-National Institute of Occupational Health (ICMR- NIOH) spoke on the topic “Current Evidence of Health Hazards of Lead” and shared insights on the biokinetics and biodynamics of lead with evidence on its perturbations of various organ systems in human body. Dr. Harish R spoke on the “Analytical considerations of Lead Estimation”. The overall session discussion effectively benefitted the participants in understanding that lead is a cumulative environmental toxin causing various health hazards.