The health care sector in the Country/Globe is rapidly growing and demands the requirement of Allied Health Care professionals as a trained associate technologist to support the diagnosis and implementation of any health care treatment strategies. Generally, Allied Health Care professionals are those who provide participation and contribution to Health Promotional activities.

Health Care Delivery System is facing a shortage of skilled manpower to meet the needs of the population. Hence, the need for trained Allied Health Care Professionals at all levels is crucial to meet the health care delivery related services. They function interdisciplinary with a physician, Nurses, public health officials with values.
Sri Devaraj Urs Academy of Higher Education and Research (A Deemed-to-be University] has perceived this changing scenario in 2010 and started a degree program in the Department of Allied Health Sciences. This is one of the Departments that turn out extremely useful to the community in presenting well-trained Paramedical graduates who support the clinicians in medical colleges, hospitals, and clinics not only in India but all over the world. Thus the strength of the center is to present Skilled Allied Health professionals in the Medical College  Environment to translate students into Allied Health Professionals to serve with dignity, pride with human values keeping a Goal of Universal Health Coverage in the mind.

Center is actively training the students for the past ten years to provide the service in their area of expertise with comprehensive knowledge, skill, and ethical values. Advanced complex instrumentation and equipment require technocrats not only to operate but also to care for and maintain them as well. These experts have to possess a strong scientific foundation and be able to perform at a much higher level than the traditionally trained technicians of the past. The institution offers Bachelors’s, Master’s degree programs under the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences.

Until 31st December 2018, the absence of a Regulatory body was the prominent hurdle for Allied Health Science Sector, However, Union Cabinet has approved the Allied Health Care Professionals Bill 2018 to regulate and standardize education and Practice of Allied Health Care Professionals is tremendous support from Minister of Health and Family Welfare Government of India for its Growth potential in a regulated manner.

The resolution of the 4th meeting of the Board of Management dated 2.2.2009 and Notified on 29.06.2009, the Department of Allied Health Sciences (AHS) was established in 2010 as a new initiative to provide Programs of vocational Nature. The primary focus is to prepare Allied Health Professionals to perform for the wellbeing of mankind with commitment and dedication. The learning activity takes place in the Medical college and hospital environment facilitates students to emerge out as better Allied health care professionals as a society ready in the field of Medical Laboratory, Medical Imaging, Renal dialysis, Radiation oncology, Operation Theater, Optometry, Cardiac care, Perfusion, Respiratory care, etc.

For the attainment of a goal, the curriculum adopted and implemented meets the requirements of the students to conquer skills, knowledge, professional behavior, human values with social responsibility. These play a crucial role in making graduates more job-oriented and successful in their life.

The Department offers four postgraduate, nine undergraduate, and three certificate programs under the Faculty of Allied Health and Basic Sciences on obtaining Academic and Administrative approval by the Academy. The Department has total students strength of 429 that consists of 400 students from Undergraduate, 13 students from Postgraduate, and 16 students from certificate programs. As a part of the continuous effort:

The Department aims to become a frontrunner in Allied Health Sciences education and continues to grow and expand its activities as per the set standards of Allied and healthcare council of India.

In addition, the Department has a self-Financing Unit (SFU) of National social scheme (NSS) the volunteers also participated in the state-level NSS programme outside the University. Right platform has been provided for extracurricular activities, Academy granted “Earn while learn scheme” which is being continued for needy students. And students were assisted in obtaining scholarships from Government agencies and encouraged to take part in biomedical research.




• To impart knowledge and skill based training for global competency.
• To inculcate values to perform for the wellbeing of the mankind.
• To impart tendency to carryout biomedical research.


  • To provide required infrastructure and facilities.
  • To design interdisciplinary Programs of vocational and innovative nature.
  • To promote facilities to carry out “Translational Research” integrating basic and medical sciences.
  • Key Features

    • Programs are semester based
    • Implemented with Choice Based Credit System
    • Skill oriented
    • Job oriented
    • Outcome Based Education
    • Mentorship program
    • Facilitate Government scholarship
    • Earn while Learn scheme in place
    • Offer Gold Medal for toppers
    • Platform for Extracurricular activities
    • Compulsory Internship.


    Post box No 62. Tamaka Kolar 563101
    Phone: 08152-210604. Extn. 355.
    Mobile: 9448533128
    Email ID:

    WORKING HOURS:  8.30 AM to 4.30 PM on all working days

    Department Facilities

    • Lecture Hall – 01
    • Seminar / Conference room 01
    • Library 01
    • Staff rooms 5
    • Lecture hall complemented with ICT enabling teaching with LCD Projector and/or e- podium
    • Department Library Resource has 140 books of different titles with 32 e-Books
    • Active Internet facility
    • 3 desktops, 1 laser printer and 1 scanner for Department administration service.
    • Supportive Departments have laboratories for students practical training

    Hostel Facilities

    Sri Devaraj URS Academy of Higher Education and Research hostel

    • Rooms are well furnished and make them a comfortable place for stay away from home.
    • The Hostels are under the control of Proctor
    • Assisted by Wardens and Deputy Wardens.
    • The Academy ensures that all Hostels are under the surveillance of CCTV
    • Security staffs round the clock
    • Make sure that the students in the hostels are safe and comfortable.
    • Nutritious and balanced food for students
    • Anti ragging and substance abuse is in Place

    Men's Hostel

    Hostel Name Hostel Deposit (A) Application Fee (B) Room Rent Establishment Charges Mess Charges Total ( C ) Grand Total (A+B+C)
    UG Hostel(Sharing) 10000.00 100.00 7920.00
    (660 x 12)
    (1,400 x 12)
    (3,000 x 12)
    60720.00 70820.00
    Dormitory 10000.00 100.00 4800.00
    (400 x 12)
    (1400 x 12)
    (3,000 x 12) 57600.00 67700.00

    Women's Hostel

    Hostel Name Hostel Deposit (Refundable) Application Fee Room Rent Establishment Mess Advance Grand Total
    AHS WOMEN’S HOSTEL 5,000 100 4,800
    (Sharing) (400 x 12)
    (Sharing) (350 x 12)
    (2750 x 12)

    Orientation Program

    Student centric Initiations including Induction Programme for students -Deeksharambh for socializing Associating, Governance, and Experiencing of new entrants from the different environment to the University campus before commencement of the Actual Teaching and Learning is in Place as quality mandate.


    Post box No 62. Tamaka Kolar 563101
    Phone: 08152-210604. Extn. 355.
    Mobile: 9448533128
    Email ID:

    WORKING HOURS:  8.30 AM to 4.30 PM on all working days


    Dr C D Dayanand, MSc. & PhD

    Professor & HOD of Allied Health Sciences

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    Ms. Akshatha P Nayak MSc

    Course Coordinator of RDT

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    Mr. Akhil J.M. M.Sc.

    Course Coordinator of Optometry

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    Mr. Shivashankar Pai B, M.Sc.

    Assistant Professor & Course Coordinator of CPT

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    Ms. DenikaFernandes MSc

    Course Coordinator of MLT

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    Mr. Manjuesh Nayak M.Sc.

    Course Coordinator of RCT

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    Mr. Siddesh N. MSc

    Course Coordinator of MIT

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    Ms. Akshatha T S MSc

    Course Coordinator of CCT

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    Ms. Pravalika B.Sc.

    Demonstrator of CCT

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