Institution to enable governance, leadership and management among students, faculty and non-teaching staff; has provided autonomy to express literary activities through Academy annual magazine, SANKEERNA.

SANKEERNA is a student centric magazine with collection of talents of students and faculty of Sri Devaraj Urs Academy of Higher Education and Research.


SANKEERNA, time immemorial, has represented a medium for its stake holders to express their talents. It gives an articulate briefing of the activities and achievements of the Academy, thus building a bridge between the students’ creativity and medical epistemology.

SANKEERNA in addition to academic, educational, sports & cultural events held at the college also echoes the vibrant college life and important events celebrated.


To provide a platform for students to express their adroit and crafty ideas
To encourage freedom of expression
To foster in students the literary interests and mould their intellect
To provide a medium for exchange of thoughts and information among peers
To provide training to students for better utilization of their leisure time
To provide encouragement for and to stimulate worth- while activities

SANKEERNA magazine reflects the identity of our educational institution and is an integral part in the governance, leadership and management through the writings of its students and teachers as well.

Dr. P.N.Sreeramulu


Chairman Magazine Committee


Vice-Principal, SDUMC & Convener & Editor-in-Chief

Magazine Committee

Dr. Harish. R, Associate Editor

Dr. Waseem Anjum, Associate Editor

Dr. Shivakumara CS, Assistant Editor


Dr. Abhinandana. R
Dr. Kouser Mohammadi

Student Representatives

8th Term

Ms. Monisha R
Ms. Vidya Nidhi
Ms. Rose Treesa Mathew

6th Term

Mr. Pushkar Sai V
Ms. Pragathi Sinha


4th Term

Mr. Sahil Kadyan
Ms. Aanchal

2nd Term

Mr. Pradhay
Mr. Avi Gopinath

Technical Assistance

Ms. Atufa Neelam Z
Mr. Srinivasmurthy.K.N
Mr. Natesh
Mr. Bharath Kumar.V
Mr. Pradeep K.V
Mr Manjunath

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